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Make cold showers a thing of the past by having Roland Plumbing Industries Inc check out your water heater. From installing new units to repairing or servicing any brand of water heaters, our plumbers can do it all!

Repairs and new installations

Which water heater is right for you?

  • Indirect fired water heaters

  • On-demand water heaters

  • Electric or gas

  • Commercial units

  • High-output water heaters

If you are in the market for a new water heater and struggling to figure out which brand and unit will be right for your family, contact us. We can discuss your water usage, efficiency needs, and budget to determine which make and model of water heater will best meet your needs.

Complete Water Heater Services

Our water heaters come with a minimum 6-year part warranty and 1-year labor warranty!

Is it time for your bi-yearly water heater service?

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